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Spanish Starter Pack
1 Greetings
2 Goodbye
3 ¿Qué tal?
4 What's your name?
Famous people
5 Colours
6 Numbers 1-12
7 Ages
8 Months
9 Numbers 13 - 31
10 Birthdays
11 Days of the week
12 Today's date
13 Pets
14 Brothers & sisters
15 Consolidation /
16 En la clase

Each section corresponds to a chapter in the Teacher's Guide and a section of the video
Section-by-section course description
Extra teaching ideas

Getting support of school & parents -
Your own language skills -
Schemes of work - Link schools - Support networks

Portfolios -'Say Hello to the World' - More about Calahorra

Compare saying "goodbye" in different languages
Siesta: do you have a lunchtime snooze?

A survey of first names
Famous Spanish-speaking people.

Picasso, colours of a Spanish artist

Dinosaurs in Spain

Christmas festivities in Spain

Lotteries are popular

Special birthdays: looking forward to being 15 -

Public holidays

Swap drawings of pupils' pets with your link school - Some Spanish children's drawings - Data handling: suggested software

Swap drawings of pupils' families with your link school - Data handling: suggested software

Make digital movies in the classroom

  • 16. En la clase - useful Spanish words and phrases that teachers and pupils can use in the classroom when playing games and participating in language learning activities.

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Spanish 2: Continuation Pack
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