11: Los dias de la semana - days of the week


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1 Greetings
2 Goodbye
3 ¿Qué tal?
4 What's your name?
5 Colours
6 Numbers 1-12
7 Ages
8 Months
9 Numbers 13 - 31
10 Birthdays
11 Days of the week
12 Today's date
13 Pets
14 Brothers & sisters
15 Consolidation /
16 En la clase

What you will learn in section 11:

Monday: we arrive at school - Tuesday: another school day
Tuesday in writing - Thursday: we do PE in the playground
Friday: school again! we are playing outside during our break - Saturday: shopping for bread

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Hungry Caterpillar in Spanish

"The Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle
The Spanish-language version of this well-loved classic picture story tells the story of 7 days in the life of a caterpillar, eating its way to be a butterfly. It is called La oruga muy hambrienta.  

Familiar to most children, you can use it for great lessons based around the story, focusing on the Spanish words for days-of-the-week also counting, foods and to help get children started in reading Spanish.

La oruga muy hambrienta - Hungry Caterpillar in Spanish
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