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Each section corresponds to a chapter in the Teacher's Guide and a section of the video
Section-by-section course description
Extra teaching ideas

Links to Spanish towns & travel - Spain's Royal palaces - Mexico City - Pilgrims - Talking postcards

Cut-out models of a Spanish village: "El pueblo de Lola"

Comparing your school with a school in Spain - A school in Peru

Finding a dictionary for young beginners - A class dictionary project? - Books on literacy skills

Typical meal times - How to play the Spanish game, "pelota"

Today's weather in Spain

Euro coins in Spain - Euro notes throughout Europe

Spanish football teams - Famous Spanish cycle races and racers

"I like music": Spanish pop music

What people eat and drink in Spanish-speaking countries

Arranging a Spanish meal / researching Spanish food - How Spanish explorers brought chocolate to Europe

Young people's fashion in Spain: chain stores on-line


Books for teachers

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