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Morocco Resource Pack
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About this Pack
Ch.1 -Background Info
Ch.2 - Planning
Ch.3 - Links & Exchanges
Ch.4 - Classroom Practice
Ch.5 -Using authentic materials
Ch.6 - Using ICT
Ch.7 - Classroom resources
Ch.8 - Support Materials
Ch.9 - Rahal au Maroc
Ch.10 - Bibliography


The introduction gives a rationale for teaching about Morocco, particularly within the context of French language work.

Links from this chapter:

KS2 Framework for Modern Foreign languages (MFL)

Download this document, here:

DCSF Standards site

It offers a practical reference tool for planning, teaching and monitoring the language-learning process. The Framework is designed to support primary school teachers in building their own courses. It also aims to provide secondary school teachers who support primary teachers with a way of making their specialist linguistic knowledge relevant for the primary classroom.

CILT Primary languages website:


"The Global Dimension in Action":

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We recommend this book:

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"Challenge of Teaching Controversial Issues", Claire and Holden

How should we respond to children's questions about war or refugees? How can we teach children about democracy? Or about climate change? Children urgently need to learn about controversy and democratic and rational approaches to managing conflict.

But evidence from teachers indicates that while they believe teaching about controversial issues is crucial, they find it challenging. They want to understand their own role and be equipped with effective approaches to sensitive and complex issues. This timely book will do just this.

Teaching controversial issues

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