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Little Tales of the Unexpected: Cinderalla
Cinderella turns into a pumpkin...

Learn with these wacky fairy-tale characters!

The Little Tails of the Unexpected pack exploits stories to the full.
The CD-ROM introduces language through 4 traditional stories, each with a twist in the tail!

Use on your electronic whiteboard or data projector with the whol class. It is completely interactive with great sound effects that make the children laugh, gasp and squirm.

The stories are linked to interactive sentence-building tasks that focus on high-frequency words - the 12 or so words that make up about 25% of a native speaker's sentences. The tasks develop understanding of simple grammar - the key to further learning.

Little Tails of the Unexpected

French and Spanish
[German and Italian coming soon]

Pack pricing:

Single User: £

Multi User Licence: £

... the Beast loves eating spiders... - ...and the Frog Prince is bored...

This rich resource provides an ideal "bridging unit" to help prepare for more structured learning in secondary school.

Individual pupils can use the Multi-user version of the CD-ROM on a network to generate a personal record of achievement - an aid to transition.

4 Little Stories (CD with 4 print-out books / Reading Scheme)

This CD comprises of four known little stories, each with an unexpected twist at the end. They use simple repetitive language and can be used for introducing topics or as general learning. The package includes: talking books (for presentation with whole class using a whiteboard or a projector), downloadable books (for individual reading), masks and worksheets.

Pack includes
Teacher's Guide and photocopiable worksheets

The Teacher's Guide suggests how to use the software in the classroom, with 67 differentiated worksheets you can print out or photocopy.

The Guide outlines general language-teaching techniques for the non-specialist.

EXTRAs include -
Songs and Rhymes - CD
(French only)

12 animated songs with worksheets.

EXTRAs: Masks and mini-books to print, cut-out and make.



-- It's brilliant and original - Stéphane Derone, Linguascope

-- I found your materials really useful, they are just what I have been looking for. I have literally spent hours creating mediocre powerpoints, these are the answer to my dreams!!

Deb Winnard, de la Salle School, St Helens

-- Little Tails corresponds exactly to the KS2 framework and is pitched at just the right level.

Barbara Harper AST, Prince Henry's Grammar School

-- The children really enjoyed joining in with the lesson... It's an ideal resource for teachers who don't have any specialist language knowledge. It uses all four skill areas and is in a very appealing and accessible format. The wackiness of the whole package is great!

Teachers' TV

-- These are really excellent resources .. great pictures - a lovely sense of fun - clear, well-spoken French - intelligent progression - cleverly devised to allow for interesting and worthwhile repetition ... and I am sure they will appeal to all ages!

Helen Myers, MFL teacher & Assistant Head, The Ashcombe School, Dorking, Surrey

-- May I compliment you on the stories / games / activities as the primary children have had lots of enjoyable lessons following the tails.

Helen Flaherty, Cardinal Heenan High School, Leeds  


Focus on successful transition to KS3


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