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What you will learn in section 1:

You will see and hear how different people in the small Spanish town of Calahorra - both children and adults - greet each other when they meet.

You will learn how some common Spanish greetings, and how to vary what you say depending on who you meet, how well you know them, and the time of day. There is a catchy song to help you remember.

Spanish children say hello. Pupils are introduced to Calahorra - a small market town in northern Spain.
(centre) Entering the town by the bridge over the river bed - dried up in summer - by themedieval cathedral and bishop's palace.
(right) People have lived in the old town on the hill since Roman times.
(left) The Town Hall in the modern part of Calahorra - blocks of flats on the lowland by the hill.
(right) In the evening, young and old stroll in the shade of the trees in the town square, saying "hello" and "good evening".

Two Spanish primary schools

 Colegio Aurelio Prudencio- school in Calahorra  A class in Colegio Quintiliano school in Calahorra

You will see two modern primary school in Calahorra, and meet some Spanish children in their classes.

The same children will appear in filmclips throughout this course.

(pictured LEFT) Colegio Aurelio Prudencio

(pictured RIGHT) A class in Colegio Quintiliano

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Portfolios - recording achievement

Attractive binder

Teacher's Guide

The first lesson is a good time to start the process of what children know already about Spain and the Spanish language.

Assessment & recording
On the
CILT Primary languages website you can now find how to buy copies of the NEW!European Language Portfolio which can be used as a photocopiable record of achievement for Primary pupils learning languages - plus a teacher's guide to using the Portfolio. This is potentially very useful as a record of achievent to pass on to the pupils' next teacher.

The folders and contents are well presented, which will encourage children to take them seriously. If you need to save money, there is also an electronic version of the documents, which you are free to download from the CILT website, print out, and use with your pupils.

The European Language Portfolio can be found in the Resources section of the website at: http://www.primarylanguages.org.uk

There are detailed instructions on the web page of how to save and download the documents.

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Weblink: 'Say Hello to the World'

This site not only has what people for "hello!" in many of the world's 2,796 languages, including Spanish; it also gives plays a sound recording so you know how to pronounce it, gives some other useful phrases, and links to basic facts about each country.

Start with Spain, then compare with other countries!

Make two lists: which countries' "hello!" sounds similar to Spain's? ..and the others.


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Weblinks: find out more about Calahorra

View Larger Map

One class used an on-line map, Google Maps, to find out:

- how they can get to Calahorra;

- how far it is from where they live.

They zoomed out to see where the town is in Spain, and found the motorway and railway to Calahorra, and the River Ebro.

They zoomed in to see a street map and even find places shown in the films, like the Town Hall.

They looked at the satellite view to pick out the old and new parts of the towns, and at photos and videos linked to the

Fly to Spain through space in seconds

Google Earth - satellite images of Spain
The control panel as you zoom in to Calahorra

Download the special software for GoogleEarth at http://earth.google.com/

NOTE: It needs a high-speed Broadband internet connection, and does not work on all computers.

They also looked at Spain and Calahorra on satellite images using GoogleEarth. They zoomed in to see the local area, and saw a "flight through space" from their own neighbourhood over land and sea to Northern Spain!

Calahorra: "Town of vegetables"

Lots of pictures and local information [in Spanish] at: http://www.calagurris.es/

Calahorra's town website [in Spanish] http://www.ayto-calahorra.es
Rioja region tourist website:

Restoration of Calahorra's Cathedral bells

Calahorra Cathedral
Calahorra's centuries-old Roman Catholic Cathedral: the bells have recently been restored.

This video shows a ceremony marking the end of this project, which was attended by large crowds.

Have you seen any events like this in your community?

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