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Let's Read
in French

Great stories for whole-class or group activities on reading skills - on CD-ROM to show on your whiteboard, with authentic sound

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about the CD-ROM


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TopNEW - 'Let's Read' series for children with 2+ years French

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French Talking Big Book CD-ROMs:
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Back up to titles listNEW - 'Let's Read' series for children with 2+ years French

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Computer requirements for CD-ROMs:
Works with Windows 7, XP and Vista (and Windows 95 or later)
Windows PC
All now work with Intel Macs Also work with older Mac OS from 8.6 up to 10.4
Ideal for all electronic whiteboards and data projectors


Praise from John Bald in the Guardian

"An exception is Early Start's series of Talking Big Books, available in French and Spanish for primary or younger secondary children. The ... stories in each language are clear, well-illustrated, and presented at a pace children can understand, with a well-organised series of additional activities to practise language skills and clear teachers' notes. French and Spanish versions are both recommended." Read the whole article > http://education.guardian.co.uk/link/story/0,,2236733,00.html

Children always hear the words as they read them, encouraging good pronunciation.
Vivid illustrations make the simple text readily understandable.

...plus carefully designed games using the story to develop language skills.

Simple games to help children focus on what they hear -
Listening skills - compare spoken and written words

Explore with your class how French written words are pronounced.
This game from the story "Happy Birthday" in French (above)

Build oracy and literacy skills - KS2 Framework for MFL

Children have fun joining in with the story, discovering they can work out what is going on in unfamiliar language.

Games and activities help them begin to read and pronounce new words with confidence.

They can even try writing their own story!

What's on each CD-ROM?

Each CD-ROM includes the story, and lots of interactive activities:

  • - spot silent letters
  • - sentence from jumbled words
  • - Hangman
  • - Simon Says!
  • - Spot the sound (phonemes)
  • - Storyquiz
  • - Story Starter / Sentence Builder
  • - Find word types (nouns, etc)
  • - electronic flashcards
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