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Do you need a language booster course?

If your Spanish is limited or rusty, you need Teachers Talking Spanish. It's an easy to use language booster course for primary practitioners.

As a classroom teacher or a teaching assistant working in Key Stage 2, the course will help you deliver confidently more of your Spanish lessons in Spanish.

How your Spanish will improve
The course consists of a set of 6 audio CDs. You will hear two primary teachers, Richard and Anna, working with a pair of expert tutors. The tutors help them to develop their vocabulary, grammatical understanding, pronunciation, fluency and confidence. Hear a sample -->

Teachers Talking Spanish follows a carefully planned linguistic progression. Previously taught language is constantly revisited and re-combined with new material, all in familiar primary classroom contexts.

The recordings are structured to make it easy for you to join in and take an active part in the learning. You will also hear all items of language expertly pronounced by a native speaker.    


Specially for primary teachers

What you'll learn is specifically designed for primary teachers' needs - no time wasted on how to book hotel rooms!

By the end of CD1 you will have put together a wide range of instructions and requests you will need in the classroom::

  • for more than one child, e.g. the whole class, a group of children, a pair of children;
  • including all these items of vocabulary in Spanish (see right) . . .

You will also have met, practised and applied the following points of basic grammar:

  • The plural imperative Hear a sample -->
  • Gender of nouns
  • Nouns with the definite article
  • Nouns with the indefinite article
  • Nouns in the singular and in the plural
  • Simple use of adverbs
  • Simple use of direct object pronouns

Vocabulary you will meet in CD1

Hear this sample: (1 min 30 secs)
[sample to be added soon]

Join in as Richard and Anna brush up their rusty Spanish
so they can tell children to "look" and "listen"...

When you buy a set of 6 CDs, you can register to receive additional FREE resources:

(i) A detailed description of the content of all 6 CDs.

(ii) A printed list - in Spanish - of all the vocabulary of the course.

Used alongside the recordings, these will help teachers with:

  • Memorisation - especially helpful for visual learners;
  • Improving pronunciation by developing a better understanding of the Spanish sound-spelling relationship;
  • The production of personalised target language crib sheets for use in lessons and lesson planning.

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What makes Teachers Talking special?

Teachers Talking Spanish is a simple and straightforward audio-only course. There are NO books and NO written tasks.

All the language featured in the recordings will help you broaden the range of French spoken in your classroom, for example:

  • names of classroom objects provide the context for work on gender;
  • classroom instructions provide the context for work on the imperative form of verbs; Hear a sample -->
  • talking about the next lesson provides the context for work on the future tense and for expressions of sequencing (d'abord, ensuite, après etc.);
  • teacher modelling provides the context for work on the first person singular of the present tense;
  • looking back over the lesson provides the context for work on the past tense.

Teachers Talking Spanish is much, much more than a classroom phrasebook!

The recordings are designed to help teachers:

  • work things out;
  • improve their pronunciation;
  • build their own sentences;
  • compare the grammar and structure of Spansih and English;
  • develop strategies for communicating clearly and effectively - often with just a little language;
  • practise and then use what has been taught;
  • recycle their learning in new contexts.

In addition to the audio lessons, listeners are also able to hear all items of language expertly pronounced.






How to use Teachers Talking

To make the most of the course, you should. join in with Andrew and Sophie as they work out what they need to say. Speak out loud and keep trying to speed up your thinking, your reactions and your responses. Hear a sample -->

You should start at the beginning and work through to the end. Repeat any track as often as you need to until you feel ready to try out what you have learned in the classroom.

Play Teachers Talking French at home, in the car, with friends… However you choose to work, be sure to keep to a pace that suits you. You are in charge of your progress

Please note that the methodology used in Teachers Talking Spanish is appropriate for training teachers - the recordings are NOT meant for use with children.


Pricing and ordering

You may want to buy more copies, so that each member of staff teaching Spanish can have their own set of CDs to refer to - so we offer substantial discounts:

Price per pack of 6 CDs
£ 75
2 - 10
£ 60
11 - 49
£ 52.50
50 +
£ 45
Post & packing is £ 1.99 per pack, up to a maximum of £ 6.
17.5% VAT is added to each order.
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