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Before you even start using the EARLY START materials, you can start your record of how much you know already about the language you are learning, and the countries where it is spoken.

What to include...
Write a list of your experiences of the countries and the language:

  • - have you ever visited any of the countries? What did you do and see?
  • - have you met people who speak the language?
  • - do you have friends or family who come from the countries and speak the language?
  • - have you ever had a conversation where you understood what was said in the language?
  • - do you watch TV, films or see books or magazines in the language?
Your own Language Portfolio
Prepare a smart binder to keep a record to show to new teachers how much you know about the language and the countries where it is spoken.....

In the future...
What would you like to do?

  • Where would you like to go to?
  • What would you like to learn to do in the language?

Junior European Language Portfolio
- recording your achievement

Attractive binder

Teacher's Guide

Now you can also buy a ready-made smart portfolio - the European Language Portfolio. This has been designed by language teachers from all over Europe, so that young beginners can keep a record of their progress that will be recognised in any European country.

Where to get a copy
On CILT's PRIMARYLANGUAGES website you can now find how to buy copies of the European Language Portfolio - plus a teacher's guide to using the Portfolio.

It explains how you can pass the folder to your next teacher, to show them where you are starting from.

The folders and contents are well presented, with questions to remind you of the sorts of things it is worth recording.

You can DOWNLOAD a FREE electronic version of the documents from the CILT website, to print out, and complete.

The European Language Portfolio can be found in the website at

There are detailed instructions on the web page of how to save and download the documents.

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