Thank you for purchasing a COLLEGE USER LICENCE (Site / network)

for your Early Start Languages DVD pack

Note: can only be used within the college; may not be used on school placements

Please check that it is what you want and that you agree to these terms and conditions

You can return the pack for a full refund (except postage) provided it is in as-new condition AND the wallet is unopened and the DVD unused.

By opening the wallet and using the DVD you and the purchasing school agree to the following terms and conditions, so please read them first:


1. Once you have opened the wallet you are entitled to full technical support to help you use the DVD or CD on a stand-alone computer, but you cannot return the pack for a refund. If you have any problems, please contact Early Start Languages for advice or exchange. Faulty products will be replaced FREE if returned within 30 days of purchase.

2. Guarantee. If the DVD or CD become damaged in use, you can contact Early Start for a low-cost replacement.

3. Discounts. Quote your invoice number for special prices to upgrade to future new versions.

Extra benefits of a Site Licence, compared with a Single-user:

4. This licence is for the use of the pack/DVD/CD by students / tutors in a teacher training college / CPD centre. You may install the contents of the DVD and audio CD on your college's network server so that anyone in your college can access the material (videos and sound files).

NOTE: Early Start cannot give technical support for network implementation.

5. Purchasers of a college licence have the right to buy additional student licences for use by students on placement in schools. Please contact Early Start for details.

6. You and other members of the purchasing college may use the DVD/CD on any individual computers or lap-tops within the college site.

What you can and can't do:

7. Other than the marked photocopiable activity pages, you may not photocopy any part of the Teacher's Manual.

8. You may not make copies of the DVD or CD.

9. You may not lend the pack, DVD or CD to other teachers or schools for the purpose of copying the files or of using the DVD/CD in class.

10. The licence only permits use on your college site. You may NOT give access to schools, or public access outside college, e.g. to students at home or on placement. To purchase additional licences for students on placement, please contact Early Start.

We hope you, your colleagues and your classes enjoy using these materials and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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