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The Teacher’s Manual
helps you plan...

Progression: listening, speaking, reading and writing...


Watch the film

Get used to the sounds

Respond with understanding


Warm up activities - reminding children of what they know already
Watch the film to introduce new words and phrases - children hear native speakers first.
Get used to the sounds - then children start saying the new words...
Respond with understanding - fun activities in which children show they understand what they hear and say...


Introducing the written word


Talking points


web link

Introduce the written word - activities with word recognition and some writing - if you wish
Talking points - talk about what happens in your community, and discuss similarities with what the children see in France.
Website - gives more suggestions for lesson activities, plus links to helpful sources of information for teachers and children on the internet.

Before you order the Pack, why not explore it for yourself?

Teacher's guide
The hard-pressed class teacher can go straight to the chapter on each section of the film.

You will find a quick guide to planning simple, effective tried-and-tested lesson activities to fit the class time you have available.

Passing on the hints and tips of many other teachers, the Teacher's Manual helps you plan your lessons using the video as a starting point, with plenty of ideas for a wide range of class and group activities.
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e-flashcards help your pronunciation
new words page

Using the Teacher's Manual and e-flashcards together, you hear a native speaker saying the words and phrases that come up in that chapter. Just click on the PLAY controls - below LEFT and RIGHT - to see how helpful this is.

With the e-flashcards on disk, you have instant access to a readily available reminder of pronunciation. Back to top

NOTE: Your PC or Mac must have compatible sound hardware. See instructions in pack. Actual CD-ROM will give CD quality sound.

key sounds page

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24-hour SUPPORT: sample the ON-LINE Teacher's Guide....

Your Teacher's Manual refers you to the on-line supplement for each chapter.

When you are teaching the course, come back to these pages for more ideas and updates.:

Sample the on-line Teacher's Guide NOW!


Great value for money to get you started

Saing in the summerholidays at a children's club
specially shot in France
a section for each chapter.

Photocopiable activity sheets

Lots of suggested activities, with a clear rationale for language and skills development
The pack is a complete resource for the teacher.
You can turn to the DVD and the e-flashcards over and over again.
The pack includes a helpful Teacher's Manual and photocopiable materials to support most of the activities suggested.
No extra consumables you need to buy again every year, no outlay on class sets for each pupil....
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What age children is it for?
The pack is a flexible resource placed in the hands of the teacher - by adjusting the speed of progress, and the activities you choose, you can tailor the course to suit your own class, their interests and abilities. We have carefully included a wide range of different-aged children in the video, so your pupils can see it is meant for 'students like them'. Teachers have successfully used these materials with children at different stages in their primary school education.
..how long will it last?
It depends how much time you have, how quickly you work through the activities, and how much you pursue cross-curricular links! With a "typical" primary school class with, say 20-30 mins. a week, it could support work for more than 1 term, up to 1 or 2 school years. Back to top

What next, when my class has finished the Starter Pack?

The EARLY START FRENCH Continuation pack 2, "Où habites-tu?" builds on Pack 1 and takes children's language further, in the context of lots more excitin cultural links. Back to top

on-line teacher's guide
Sample CD
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