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Save the tiger?

Why are people campaigning to SAVE the tiger?

One class watched this great "Jungle Warriors" video from ACAP.

This could be one of the last 120 tigers left in Nepal .

Despite strict laws, the demand for their bones and skins make tigers so valuable that their numbers continue to decline.

Find out ho what can be done to act again poachers:



Tiger - an endangered species

Webquest: Life in the real jungle

Find out more about one of the animals in the story:

Tiger: http://www.savethetigerfund.org/Directory/kids.htm




Monkey: www.monkeys-monkeys.com

Parrot: www.theparrotsocietyuk.org

Python: www.exn.ca/snakes/

Hyena: www.hyenas.info


More about animals in French...

This book can help with your story-writing project - see EARLY START French Pack 2: ch.12


Characterful finger puppets set for this story

Your class can act out the story, with one puppet for each character:
I Want my Banana - Finger puppet set
I Want my Banana - Finger puppet set
(L to R) ...Python, Parrot, Hyena (* see note) and Tiger.

* The dog stands in for a hyena puppet - it's the nearest we could find!

Buy the set: only £10.63

SAVE! - nearly £2 off the price of 5 puppets bought individually!


The book to go with the CD-ROM


Monkey's hungry, but he can't find his banana.
Some fearsome jungle creatures offer him tasty alternatives, but monkey isn't convinced of their generosity.

I Want My Banana - Bilingual French-English book
Children will enjoy sitting down in a quiet corner to read the hardback book - with each page of the story in French and English.

Buy the book: £6.99

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