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Ch.1 -Background Info
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Ch.7 - Classroom resources
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Ch.9 - Rahal au Maroc
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This Pack links with Early Start French Extension Pack 3:

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Cross-curricular links with French

Reinforce and develop children's French language as you study Morocco with this Resource Pack.

It supports a range of classroom topics, especially the InterCultural Understanding strand.

French is widely spoken in Morocco, a fast-changing country which is increasingly a tourist destination, as well as being overwhelmingly Muslim.

The pack features the region around Khémisset and the capital, Rabat.
Morocco: traditional bread shop
Traditional Moroccan bread shop

Eating couscous in Morocco
Eating couscous Moroccan-style

Moroccan custome: serving guests mint tea
Moroccan custom: serving guests mint tea

Meknes town wall in Morocco
Meknès town wall

Ready-made lessons

The Pack gives an educational rationale for a cross-curricular approach, as well as ready-made lessons and associated planning documents, and suggestions for school exchanges and linked webpages.

The CD-ROM includes an extensive picture library that illustrates different faces of Morocco, with several multimedia presentations in French.

Picture Library

Children can use simple, transparent search tools with the Picture Library, developing their skills of acquiring information from a database that includes pictures.

Morocco Picture Library search
Pupils can search the Picture Library, and also try adding their own captions and tags to the pictures.
Abdelkrim's Diary
Abdelkrim lives on a remote farm in Khémisset province. We gave him a disposable camera to record a day in his life; his teacher then helped him add captions in French.

Ordering the pack

Rahal-the-Bear travels in Morocco:Rahal's travels in Morocco
10 Powerpoint-style stories with simple French captions, each on a particular theme, like food, colours...

The Morocco Resource Pack contains:

- Teacher's Notes
- CD with Picture Library, multimedia presentations including the
Travels of Rahal-the-Bear, and the Diary of Abdelkrim; and a set of worksheets

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The authors

These resources bring Morocco into the primary classroom, based on the experience of a British Council project linking teachers from York and Morocco in a long-term collaboration led by Anne Gregory and Margot Brown:

Margot Brown
Ann Gregory, York St.John University
Margot Brown
Centre for Global Education, York
Ann Gregory
York St.John University

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