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WACKY but SIMPLE French stories that children LOVE! Now at permanently lower prices

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Here is a SAMPLE STORY you could use on your whiteboard...

This is one of 10 stories

"Les Monstres', is a collection of simple stories to share with the whole class on your Interactive Whiteboard or data projector .

When YOU use these stories...

YOU control the pace of the story - as it's read by a cast of native speakers.

YOU click to advance to the next line or picture,

YOU give children opportunities to discuss, anticipate and join in.

Author Rosemary Bevis believes:
"To learn a FL successfully the child must hear and repeat it continually, revisiting the language in different contexts."

Develop Literacy Skills

In this collection of stories, young beginners will enjoy meeting familiar language they know
- the language you've been teaching them,
with no unfamiliar phrases or tenses..

Watch their confidence grow
as they see how how much they can understand.

...and a BOOKLET of the same story for children to read
Just enter your email to see how the same story
is presented as a
printed booklet to encourage children
to try
independent reading in French

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Each story fits with a key language topic

in Pack 1
Interview d'un monstre

In Story 1, "Interview d'un monstre", Rabbit records an interview with the French monster Agadougou.

Interview d'un Monstre

Children can role-play (or record) an interview with their own made-up "monster",

Theme: introducing myself. Link: Ch.1.4,
my pets Link
Ch. 1.13

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La famille Monstre

In Story 2, "La famille Monstre", Rabbit is introduced to Agadougou's many relations...

Children can role-play (or record) an interview in which THEIR "monster" describes his or her family...

Theme: my family Link: Ch.1.14

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Le mystère des numéros

In Story 4, "Le mystère des numéros", Pic and Pac get lost in a Labyrynth (a sort-of maze), and find that the only way out is to solve mathematical puzzles.

Children can make up a mathematical puzzle with their own monsters...

Theme: numbers Link: Ch.1.6

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L'anniversaire de Souzie

In Story 5, "L'anniversaire de Souzie", Souzie's family come bearing presents that rhyme - but Souzie is upset when one present goes missing...

Children can make a rhyme about their monsters.

Theme: birthdays Link: Ch.1.10

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in Pack 2
Château Zapeau

In Story 6, "Château Zapeau", the animals follow Count Zapeau's directions to his castle - only to discover that it's a special day in the year when there are surprises in store...

Children can draw a map to help people find their "lost monster"..

Theme: directions Link: Ch.2.3

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Le sorcière et le shopping

In Story 10, "Le sorcière et le shopping", witch Myrtle has an unusual way of shopping - she just flies out of the shop without paying! See how she comes to a sticky end...

Witch goes shoppingChildren can draw a shopping expedition with THEIR witch...
Theme: shopping with euros Link: Ch.2.9

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Le pique-nique au zoo

In Story 7, "Le pique-nique au zoo", Sacha and her friend go to the Zoo. She finds out what the different zoo animals would like to eat in a picnic - only to discover that one would like to eat Sacha...

Children can plan their ideal picnic at the zoo, in French...

Theme: snack foods Link: Ch.2.10

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Le monstre a faim

In Story 8, "Le monstre a faim", we try to find out what the monster would like to eat - but after many rejections, the one thing he does like is a bit inconvenient...

Children can role-play (or record), in French, what THEIR monster does and doesn't like to eat...

Theme: food likes Links: Ch.2.10, 2.11

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Le monstre marin

In Story 9, "Le monstre marin", the sea-monsters are attracted by an ice-cream stall on the beach...

Children can make an ice-cream stall price-list with all the flavours - in French - that THEIR monster would like to eat.

Theme: ice-creams Link: Ch.2.12

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in Pack 3
Clara le cochon

In Story 3, "Clara le cochon", Kim and Fredo search for a missing pig. Before they find Clara, they come across a zoo full of strange "mixed-up" animals - hybrids that are half of one species and half of another.

Children can draw and name their mixed-up animal.

Theme: describing animals. Link: Ch.3.5

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... PLUS the stories are re-told in booklets for individual reading...

10 A5 story booklets

10 great illustrated stories:

1. Interview d'un monstre
La famille monstre
Clara le cochon
Le mystère des numéros
L'anniversaire de Souzie
6. Château Zapeau --------- - HOW TO ORDER
Le pique-nique au zoo
Le monstre a faim
Le monstre marin
La sorcière et le shopping

plus Teacher's Notes and
French-English dictionary

The Teacher's Guide has plenty of ideas for class activities to use the stories to complement and add variety to your language course.

It shows you can use the texts and content of the stories in line with the QCA MFL KS2 Framework - with references to particular strands, including Literacy, Oracy , Knowledge about Language and Inter-Cultural Understanding.

Download the Teacher's Guide
Find out all you can do with the stories, including a mine of teaching ideas from Rosemary Bevis, the well-known expert primary languages practitioner, consultant and author.
Click HERE for FREE download.

QCA Links

NEW! Download links to the KS2 Framework Learning Objectives HERE, to help save you time in documenting your lesson planning.


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