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14: ¿Cómo eres tú? - What do you look like?
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What you will learn in section 14:

You will see young people (and cartoon characters) reply to a questioner asking them to describe themselves.

This will test whether you have mastered masculine and feminine forms of the adjectives you use! Here are a few examples of how the section starts :-

I'm dark - I have long hair

Tall and short
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Young people's fashion in Spain

One teacher followed the Teacher's Guide's suggestions of some starting points for her class to talk about stereotypes.

Her class was interested in fashion, and whether it was different in Spain.

They talked about what sort of clothes, toys, shoes, gadgets, and other things they felt they "must have". Some students admitted that they put pressure on their parents by saying that they would be "the only one in their group" who didn't have something.

They explored some Spanish websites for popular chain stores, and found that a lot of 14-18 year olds in Spain were very style-concious....

Pull and Bear fashion chain 
"Pull and Bear" is a popular chain of young people's fashion shops (both sexes) throughout Spain. Click on the LEFT picture to link to their shopping catalogue for up-to-date styles and fashion trends. There is an English version.

 Using the basic linguistic structure introduced in the video, this class worked with the teacher to find some more Spanish adjectives that would help them describe what they looked like to their Spanish link school.

all the web
Try other Spanish fashion brands, eg: Mango, Zara, Camper (footwear), Massimo Dutti, Agatha Ruíz de la Prada

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