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12: ¿Qué quieres? - What do you want? [Food and drink]
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What you will learn in section 12
You will see a Spanish family shopping for food in their local supermarket; and how people offer each other food and drink in meals at home, on a picnic in the countryside, and in school dinners.

A family picnic in the country near Nåjera; "Would you like some crisps?"
Dinner lady offers 'extras' in school dinners - "Some bottled water?"

You will learn how to ask for things in shops as well as at mealtime.

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Write a TALKING story in Spanish

Children make their own animated stories

One class used Story Maker2 - simple multimedia authoring software - to make animated stories about people and food.

Using Story Maker2's built-in voice synthesizer, they added optional extra Spanish voices.

This enabled them to create speech bubbles for the characters in their stories, and then hear back how it should sound in Spanish.

Each group played their talking stories to the class.

The software has a choice of male and female Spabish voices to add reality - it also comes with stacks of figures (including pictures and animals), a wide choice of background scenes, sound effects, and ready-made animations.

Find out more about Story Maker2 with Spanish voices ----> (more)

Story Maker2 also has optional extra Spanish voices
You hear the speech buubles as they appear - and the Spanish pronunciation is very good!.
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Reading Spanish: "What's for Supper?"

What's for supper? Spanish-English bilingual book

Dad and his children are cooking tonight, but first they have to go shopping at the supermarket.
They want to keep the dish a secret from Mum.
What can they be making?

Available as an interactive CD-ROM - find out more>

..and as a book, price: £

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What Spanish people eat and drink

sliced chorizo sausage
Sliced spicy sausage - a traditional Spanish food you can also find in your local supermarkets

We suggest you start from what you and your class know about your own community.

Do your families shop in local specialist shops (butcher, greengrocer, dairy, bakery...) or in a large supermarket? Is what you buy made or grown locally, or is it brought to your town in a large lorry?

Spanish sausages  Spanish hams

In Spain, families do a lot of shopping in big supermarkets. You can buy Spanish hams and "chorizo" spicy sausage ready-sliced in plastic packets - or hanging up on market stalls.
 Spanish supermarket  Spanish pigs  Barcelona delicatessan
(LEFT to RIGHT) A Spanish supermarket, some traditionally-reared Spanish pigs, and a specialist food shop in Barcelona.

Traditional food and drink comes from what is grown or found locally. Your town or district may have some examples of traditional foods it is known for.

Find out more about Spanish food and farming
See what foods from Spain you can find in your local shops. You can also use the Internet to find out more: one site we liked was a US Spanish food catalogue store,
http://www.tienda.com/ . See what you can find-

all the web
Try other keywords, eg: paella, pepper

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