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11: En el cole - What I like/don't like doing at school
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What you will learn in section 11

"I don't like PE!" - "I do like singing!"

"I don't like reading!"

This section continues the theme of likes and dislikes - this time in relation to activities which take place in school.

We include the vocabulary for activities which are common to Spanish and English primary schools rather than the names of specific subjects. (See the Teacher's Guide for background information about subjects studied in Spanish primary schools.).

These phrases can also be used when you are talking about what they like and don't like doing in their Spanish lessons. (See "extra words and phrases".in the Teacher's Guide)

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Spanish pop music

One school decided to do a "swap survey" on the music that each class liked. They wondered whether the Spanish children would know of American and Englaih pop stars and records.

They found that, though many of the songs popular in Spain's "top 40" are in English, there are also many successful artists performing in Spanish and well known across Spain and Latin America.

They also asked people in their community what Spanish singers or songs in Spanish they could remember - "La Macarena", Craig David, Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martín were mentioned

To find out more about what sort of songs were popular in Spain at the time, they listened to the website of Los 40 Principales, Spain's Top 40 radio station http://www.los40.com/home_lista.asp

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