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10: ¿Te gusta o no te gusta?- What I like/don't like doing
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What you will learn in section 10

"I like football!" - "I like tennis!"
Cycle-racing and football are amongst the most popular spectator sports in Spain

Discovering mutual interests, likes and dislikes, is an important part of developing relationships between children. This section enables you to talk about some of the activities you like and don't like doing in your free time. We have included five sporting activities as a starting point, with some additional suggestions included in "extra words and phrases" at the end of this chapter in the Teacher's Guide.

Chapter 11 "En el cole" continues the theme of "likes and dislikes" by introducing the vocabulary you can use to say which school activities you like and don't like.

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Famous Spanish football teams

Real Madrid playersReal Madrid - champions?

One class decided to follow the fortunes of the major Spanish club supported by pupils in their link school.

They found lots of news about the matches and players - in English - on the club's web site.

They also looked at the Spanish edition of the official club site on the web, and learnt some new words to use in talking about football.

Real Madrid website - link

Real Madrid official website

Like many major Spanish clubs, Real Madrid (="Royal Madrid") has an extensive English edition of its official website, at:


or http://www.realmadrid.com

all the web
Try other teams, eg: atleti de bilao, valencia, real sociedad de san sebastian

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Spanish cycle races & racers

Each picture is a link to a website about La Vuelta

La Vuelta a España
One school decided to follow La Vuelta a España, one of the world's big three grand touring races, which follows a different route around Spain every September. They found websites which gave them news of each day's racing - including video clips and sound interviews (some in English) - and also pictures of places of interest along the route.

They made a display to show the different parts of Spain, and what sort of country the riders would have had to tackle, and the sights they and the spectators would have seen. They saw why Spanish fans found the cycle races so exciting.

Official site: http://www.lavuelta.com
or try: http://www.cyclingnews.com/results/2002/vuelta02/
http://www.eurosport.com ------- click on "cyclng"

all the web
Try other keywords, eg: spanish cycle races

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