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9: Los números 40-200 - Numbers 40-200
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Video section 9

Animated number "40" - Buying postcards

Pupils became familiar with numbers 1-31 when working with Early Start Spanish 1: Tú y yo. This section introduces the higher numbers 50 - 200.

As you learn the higher numbers, you will be able to measure distances, weigh ingredients and take part in shopping dialogues. The video gives some simple examples of shopping dialogues using euro currency.

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EURO play-money

Euro play notes and coins

We looked everywhere for a source of EURO play money you could use for your class activities to get children used to handling EUROs - now we've found it!

See here for details of group sets and class quantities of authentic-looking EURO notes and coins play-money.

Euro play money
EURO play-money

 EURO coins in Spain

The face of each coin is the same throughout the EURO countries
- each country has its own design for the reverse.
You can spend Spanish EURO coins in any other EURO country
- and their coins will be accepted in Spain.

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 EURO notes

The notes are the same throughout the EURO countries
- you can spend them in any EURO country.

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