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2: Mi ciudad - Places in my town
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What you will learn in section 2

Looking around a Spanish town, you will see different shops and other places that children might go to. You hear how to say what some common places around the town are called in Spanish - and how to ask what a places is.

Here are some examples:

Spanish street named after a famous person - This is the chemist's shop
This the library - This is my school
This is the supermarket - ...the swimming pool
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Shops in Spain

Supermarkets are common in Spanish towns today, and big towns have big department stores, like El Corte Inglés. But many people still buy fresh food from small family-run shops and markets.

They may go to a local bakery, cake shop, ice-cream shop, butcher's, chemist's, or tobacconist .

They buy newspapers, magazines, comics and sweets from a newsstall in the street; other street stands sell Spanish national lottery tickets.

una panadería, a bakery,

una pastelería, a cake shop

una heladería, ice cream shop

una carnicería, a butcher's

una farmacia, the chemist's

un estanco, the tobacconist

un quiosco or kiosko, a newsstand

 El Corte Inglés department store: http://www.elcorteingles.es/

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TOCUARO - a village in Mexico

One class compared the Spanish town with a village in Mexico, Tocuaro (see Geography QCA Scheme 22 'A Contrasting Locality Overseas: Tocuaro'. )

They used a CD ROM which covered a range of topics including: Tocuaro village, the Horta family, food, music, dance, religion and festivities, weather, Mexico's volcanoes, Mexico's history, the fascinating Monarch butterfly, the local Tarascan people and shrinking Lake Patzcuaro - a local environmental issue.


The CD ROM comes from St.Mary's College. Order from: http://www.smuc.ac.uk/Geography/Tocuaro/

They also used an educational website produced by the Mexican Government, called "Mexico for Kids": http://www.elbalero.gob.mx/index_kids.html

They found interesting illustrated pages about Mexico and its history, government, culture, traditions, music and bio-diversity - as well as games and stories.

"Meet Mexico" - just what you need for primary school projects
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