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  What you'll see and do with
 Pack 1

This Starter Pack and its films will help young beginners enjoy their first steps in Primary Spanish and finding out about everyday life and culture in Spain and Latin America.

Primary Spanish - birthday ear-pulling custom  Primary Spanish - I am 10 years old
We saw the Spanish custom 'pulling the birthday-child's ear', and we saw Spanish children say how old they are...

Early Start Spanish uses high quality DVD or video to bring everyday Spain and authentic Spanish voices right into your classroom, any time you want!


Language and topics covered

See a sample film NOW ...

See how Early Start Spanish introduces simple language and shows everyday life and culture.
Section, 13: "¿Tienes alguna mascota?"
has new phrases for talking about "my pets"...

You'll see the film in four parts:
- it introduces Spanish nouns and phrases for talking about pet animals commonly kept in Spain.

The film shows children at a local pet shop, and showing their pets to the class at school.

Finally, the written words are shown once children are familiar with how they sound.

... and download a sample chapter

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It's full of practical teaching ideas using the sample movie introducing 'pets'.

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What’s in a pack?

Early Start Spanish 1 for KS2 with DVD or VHS video

Early Start KS2 Spanish with ELL badge 
           language learning
"Tú y Yo" is a video based starter pack for learners in Key Stage 2 which offers particularly strong support for the non-specialist teacher.

ELL is a DfEE initiative managed by CILT, working in partnership with QCA, BECTa, the Central Bureau, the TTA, OFSTED and the Association for Language Learning.

  • 60 minutes of. films
  • audio CD with vocabulary and pronunciation guide for teachers,
  • PLUS songs in full singing and accompaniment-only 'karaoke' versions
  • Teachers' Manual
  • photocopiable pupils' activity sheets

We saw Calahorra schoolchildren say
"adios" to the camera

We saw children bring their pets into school and draw them for the video.

Language progression


There are 16 short films (on DVD or video), each introducing a very small number of key words and phrases:

  1. Hola - greetings
  2. Adiós - saying goodbye
  3. ¿Qué tal? - asking people how they are
  4. ¿Cómo te llamas? - introducing yourself and asking other children's names
  5. Los colores - colours
  6. Los números 1-12 - numbers 1-12
  7. ¿Cuántos años tienes? - saying how old you are and asking other children their age
  8. Los meses del año - the months of the year
  9. Los números 13-31 - numbers 13-31
  10. ¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños? - saying when your birthday is and asking other children when their birthdays are
  11. Los días de la semana - the days of the week
  12. ¿Qué día es hoy? - saying the date
  13. ¿Tienes hermanos? - talking about your brothers and sisters
  14. ¿Tienes alguna mascota? - talking about your pets
  15. En la clase - useful Spanish words and phrases that teachers and pupils can use in the classroom when playing games and participating in language learning activities.

We saw Spanish children talking about
their brothers and sisters..

..and we saw Spanish children talk about numbers and colours in a sweet shop in Calahorra.

Showing the character and variety of Spain...


The films bring images of Spain direct into the classroom, to stimulate children's interest in the country's culture and provide talking points about the similarities and differences with their own everyday lives

Pupils will see their Spanish peers at home and in school ; at a lively birthday party, and bringing their pets to show at school - all in the small town of Calahorra.

...with a focus on one small town - Calahorra in northern Spain
Primary Spanish: Calahorra - old town and cathedral  
Primary Spanish: children show us their town  Primary Spanish: the modern town of Calahorra
we see old and new, historic and modern Spain...

Activities linking Spanish across the curriculum

Each chapter of the Teachers' Manual corresponds to one of the video sections. Alongside carefully structured games and activities relating to the new words and phrases introduced in each film section, the Manual provides background information and ideas for discussion points to help teachers exploit the cultural aspects of the film.

Spanish dinosaurs - The film shows Spanish children visiting the fossilised dinosaur footprints which are preserved in the hills near Calahorra. The dinosaurs appear in several sections, speaking Spanish!

Primary Spanish: visiting the dinosaur trailPrimary Spanish: dinosaur footprints in Spain
We saw Spanish children visit the Dinosaur Trail in Northern Spain - Europe's largest concentration of fossilised dinosaur footprints. They counted how many footprints there were!

An EU Socrates Project

Spanish for Primary schools, and pupils with special educational needs
The project aims to encourage primary schools and teachers of pupils with special educational needs (SEN) to introduce the Spanish language and culture into the curriculum at an early age.

The Project's two outcomes, Early Start Spanish Starter Pack, "Tú y Yo", and the Continuation Pack, "Mi Ciudad y mi Colegio", are now published and on sale. Reference copies have been deposited with Comenius Centres, CILT Libraries, and most LEA MFL advisers throughout the UK.

The Starter Pack aims to help language diversification, recognising that about 80% of UK primary schools that teach a foreign language teach French. The Continuation Pack 2 builds on that foundation, offering carefully planned progression in language, skills and cultural background.

This project is part-financed by the
European Commission's SOCRATES Programme - LINGUA Action D.
The materials are being produced by EarlyStart Languages
in partnership with the Embajada de España.

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Spanish Continuation Pack 2
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