Ch.18: Bridging Unit: consolidation and assessment


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1. My town, Freiburg
2. My houses
3 Travel
4 Directions
5 School tour -
6 Subjects
7. Time
8 Months
9 Birthdays
10 Date
11 Pastimes
12 Euro money
13 I like to eat...
14. Meals
15. Parts of body
16 Describing people
17 Countries
18 Bridge unit-

There is no film with this chapter.

This section includes ideas for additional activities that can be used to consolidate pupils' learning, help you assess their progress, and celebrate just how much they have progressed.

We suggest 4 levels of activities:

  • play "consolidation games" in everyday classwork, to bring together children's learning from previous sections;
  • more extended "cross-curricular projects" using ICT or drama;
  • a "special event" with an audience to celebrate pupils' linguistic achievement and cultural awareness, e.g. a whole-school assembly, an evening with parents, a joint activity with a secondary school;
  • discuss with pupils how to assess their own progress, using "can-do" sheets;

You could plan any such work jointly with secondary colleagues, as a "bridge" to aid children's transition to a new phase in their language learning.

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Making digital video (DV) and multimedia:

Find out about Early Start's Film Competition here.

This initiative aims to encourage best practice in using simple pupil-made video, animation and multimedia within language learning, including exchanges with partner scho

Find out about making multimedia with NEW HyperStudio, the easy-to-use authoring software "for kids (and teachers)", here.

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