Ch.16: Was trägst du?: What are you wearing?


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What you will learn with film 16

Children describe what they are wearing - "Mein Helm ist rot."

What do we need when it's raining?

Aesop's fable: "the Wind and the Sun"
Aesop's Fable: "The Wind and the Sun"


This section introduces the words for clothes. We see children wearing special clothes to go to a football match, as well as everyday clothes.

Pupils can describe what they are wearing themselves, and ask other people what they are wearing. We also look at what types of clothes are needed for different weather - with a link to Aesop's famous Fable, "The Sun and The Wind".

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Aesop's Fable: 'The Sun and The Wind' animation

Download this animated story in German from BBC Learning Zone's "Class Clips", based on Aesop's Fable, from the link below.

"The wind and the sun battle it out to see who is more powerful. Each unleashes its force until the winner is declared. Meanwhile Paula, the weather forecaster, gives a strange forecast &endash; will her predictions come true? "

This animation is also available in English:

A more elaborate version of the story, this could be used as part of a topic dealing with the weather, or possibly holidays and travel. It provides extended listening practice / listening for pleasure.

Ask children to pick out key vocabulary from longer texts. Pupils could put a story board in order to show they had followed the content of the story.

Paula the weather forecaster predicts fierce winds and other strange happenings

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