Ch.11: Was ist dein Lieblingshobby?: Leisure


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1. My town, Freiburg
2. My house
3. Travel
4. Directions
5. School tour
6. Subjects
7. Time
8. Months
9. Birthdays
10. Date
11. Pastimes
12. Euro money
13. I like to eat...
14. Meals
15. Parts of body
16 Describing people
17. Countries
18. Bridge unit-

What you will learn with film 11

Primary German: Cycling to a football match in Freiburg
Going to the football match -"I like cycling".

Playing the bongos in Freiburg's Jazz Youth Band.


This sections enables pupils to talk about some of the sports and pastimes they like and dislike doing in their spare time.

They also learn how to ask in German what other people like doing. Discovering mutual interests is an important part of developing relationships between children.

We see some of the hobbies enjoyed by German children, and find out more about football and jazz in Germany.

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Talking Point: Team sports and school teams

Although team sports are taught in German schools, it is rare for schools to have teams that compete against each other. Competition is usually between sports clubs.
UK-German connection info for teachers and free activities

Goethe Institut cultural information

Official Germany website cultural information

Deutsche Welle

Facts about Germany

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Talking Point: Football

Double Club German is the place for you to improve your German, both on and off the pitch!

With a programme of after-school Double Club: German sessions, you'll learn all about the German language and German culture. You'll learn some cool football tricks, too.

Double Club - Primary German
Click on picture to find out more about this project.

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Talking Point: Playing Jazz

The Jazz Orchestra's players come from schools all over freiburg; they have to audition for a place in this famous group, which regularly performs internationally.

We hear them playing the Caribbean calypso "St. Thomas" by Sonny Rollins - named after the West Indies island, and based on a tune remembered from his childhood that his mother sang to him.

Sonny Rollins
"Sonny "Rollins, 1930 -

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