Ch.6: Was ist dein Lieblingsfach? - School subjects


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1. My town, Freiburg
2. My houses
3. Travel
4. Directions
5. School tour
6. Subjects
7. Time
8. Months
9. Birthdays
10. Date
11. Pastimes
12. Euro money
13. I like to eat...
14. Meals
15. Parts of body
16 Describing people
17. Countries
18. Bridge unit-

What you will learn with film 6

These German children are learning to tell the time in English.

A cookery class in the school kitchen.


What's your favourite subject? This section introduces the theme of likes and dislikes in relation to school subjects.

Pupils will be able to say which subjects they like or dislike, and which is their favourite.

They will see German children in class, and find out more about German schools.



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Talking Point: The Primary Curriculum in Freiburg

Compare your school timetable to the sample German ones on the website below:

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