Ch.2: Mein Haus: My house


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1. My town, Freiburg
2. My house
3 Travel
4 Directions
5 School tour -
6 Subjects
7. Time
8 Months
9 Birthdays
10 Date
11 Pastimes
12 Euro money
13 I like to eat...
14. Meals
15. Parts of body
16 Describing people
17 Countries
18 Bridge unit-

What you will learn with film 2

The Vauban estate of 'Solar-houses' in Freiburg
Primary German: recycling
Sorting household waste for collection and recycling.


How your home can be more environmentally friendly? In this section pupils learn to talk about what sort of building they live in, the rooms they use, and how they can save energy at home.

They will also look at different materials, household waste and recycling.

Pupils will see German families in two experimental Freiburg estates which are designed as a model for a "greener" future. Watch this CBC video on "Green Freiburg":-

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The 'typical' German house?

Researchers from a Hamburg-based ad agency scoured all the statistics and interviewed sample families before building the 'typical German living room' in their offices - to help them understand the families they are selling to.

Read more about it here (in English):

...or here (in English):

Here is the ad agency's own story (in German):

Typical German living room?

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Recycling - what's in your dustbin?

The 'Science Across the World' project offers teachers' and students' materials on popular science in a number of topics; click on the link below for 'Domestic Waste' materials in English and German,

Science across the world: domestic waste
Science Across the World looks at Domestic Waste

See this link for educational resources on green waste management - what happens to your waste?:

...and on renewable energy (from the Design and Techbology Teachers' Asoociation, DATA)

SITA: What happens to your waste?
What happens to your waste?

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Story in German: The Three Little Pigs

The familiar story of the "Three Little Pigs" is all about selecting materials that are appropriate to the task.

One class looked at the story in German, from the Northumberland Grid for Learning - using the downloadable A4 book and Resource Pack.

(RIGHT) One of the little pigs builds a house of straw.

...aus Stroh

...aus Holz

...aus Backsteinen


Download link:

Interactive story:

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