Ch.1: Meine Stadt: Places in my town


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1. My town, Freiburg
2. My house
3 Travel
4 Directions
5 School tour -
6 Subjects
7. Time
8 Months
9 Birthdays
10 Date
11 Pastimes
12 Euro money
13 I like to eat...
14. Meals
15. Parts of body
16 Describing people
17 Countries
18 Bridge unit-

What you will learn with film 1

Primary German: Freiburg street
Streets in Freiburg's town centre have the medieval water channels...
Primary GermanL Freiburg school
"I live in Freiburg. This is my school."


This section introduces Freiburg, a medieval cathedral city and university town in the south of Germany. Much of this pack's films are set here; Freiburg claims to be the "greenest", most environmentally-friendly city in Germany.

Pupils learn how to identify places that might be significant to children in a German town or in their home town. This is the first step towards being able to describe where you live, ask directions and give information about where places are.

Tourist Board video introducing Freiburg (in English):

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Talking Point: Where is Freiburg?

This GoogleMap is centred on Freiburg Munster, the cathedral.
You can switch between MAP, SATELLITE and TERRAIN views, and ZOOM in and out.

View Larger Map

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'Freiburg - Green City'

Freiburg: Green City

Download this FREE PDF booklet, 'Freiburg - Green City'
produced by Freiburg city council
about the city's environmental policies

(available in English and German)

Really useful additional information for teachers.

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Making a 'Town Guide' - a multimedia project

As a cross-curricular project, develop ITC skills by making a guide to your community for German visitors, using the new language you learn in this section.

One school took digital photos of places they decided German visitors might like to see, then recorded commentary - and even added video clips!

They expanded their project as they learnd more in subsequent sections.

Find out more about HyperStudio, a child-friendly tool for quick-and-creative classroom multimedia projects here...

Making a guide to your town in HyperStudio

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