Ch.14: Hast du ein Haustier?: Have you got a pet?


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What you will learn with film 14

This is my rabbit, Fleki...

...and this is my dog, Benni.

"Das ist mein Hund, Ronja."

You will see German children say what pets they have, and also say what is their favourite pet animal.

This introduces more about German nouns (see Ch.1.11, Meine Familie), including how to make plurals.

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Talking Point: German dog breeds

German dog breeders have produced dogs suited to different tasks for centuries. Some German breeds are famous world-wide, and bred now for show and as pets.

German dog breeds

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Talking Point: Guide dogs for the blind

Proper training of guide dogs for the blind started in Germany during the First World War

Started in Germany
The first training schools for guide dogs and blind people were started in Germany during the First World War. Both sides had thousands of soldiers blinded in fighting, but it was German doctors who first organised real help.

They found the best dogs were alsatians, also known as German Shepherds.

News spread
In the 1920s and '30s, news of what was happening in Germany spread to the relatives of blind people in Britain and USA - the start of the internation Guide Dogs for the blind movement. The 75th anniversary of the movement in the UK was recently celebrated: 1931-2006.



Find out how to hold a Guide Dogs at School Day...

See Guide Dogs on Youtube

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Storytelling with animals

Puppy finds a friend - bilingual English-German story
"Puppy finds a friend" - Big Book CD-ROM in German
I want my banana - bilingual English-German story
"I want my banana" - Big Book CD-ROM in German

One class used their new knowledge of German words for pet animals to read the story "Puppy finds a friend" in German.

Another group looked at "I want my banana", a story about jungle animals from the same series.

They went on to use Storymaker to write their own short story with German voices, which they played to the whole class.

StoryMaker software reads out what you have written in the speech bubbles.

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