Ch.13: Die Farben: Colours


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13 Colours
14 Pets
15 Christmas!
16 Consolidation
17 Class interaction

What you will learn with film 13

"Red and blue makes purple..."

"touch something that is black..."

You will see German children in school talking about and using the names for colours. In an art class, they experiment with mixing paints, and in PE they do a warm-u[ game where the teacher calls out a colour, and the class run to touch anything of that colour. You can play that game with your class.

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Talking Point: Paul Klee

Paul Klee painted this watercolour, 'Southern (Tunisian) Gardens', in 1919. See a larger image at:


See more of Klee's work at:


'Southern (Tunisian) Gardens', Paul Klee, 1919.

One class found out the story behind Paul Klee's pictures-for-children by reading this book, "Animal Tricks".

Amazon describes the book:
"Few modern artists captivate young audiences as much as Paul Klee, whose whimsical drawings and paintings are both childlike and sophisticated, filled with joy, color, and humor. Among the most beloved of his works are those in which animals&emdash;birds, fish, cats, and others&emdash;seem to frolic across the page.

"This collection of color illustrations, facts, and fun engages younger audiences in an artistic dialog as educational as it is liberating. Author Christian Rümelin takes a close look at some of Klee's most famous animal drawings, including Twittering Machine, Fish Picture, and Where the Eggs and the Good Roast Come From, to explore the artist's use of color, symbol, and abstraction, and his famous method of improvisation, which can be summed up in his memorable statement, "A line is a dot that went for a walk."

Asking questions about the artist's motivation
- does he want to confuse his audience or tell a story?
Rümelin encourages readers to open their own imaginations and stretch their creative muscles. A perfect introduction to one of the most important artists of the modern era, this journey through Klee's animal kingdom will delight children of all ages. "

Paul Klee - Animal Tricks
Paul Klee's Animal Tricks
(Click picture to link to this book in Amazon)

One class were inspired by the paintings of Paul Klee and a broken window (!) to explore how Klee used blocks of colour separated by lines, to great effect.

This link (to the ArtHouse site) sets out the lesson plan of their project, and shows some of the Klee works that influenced the class.


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