Ch.10: Das Alphabet: The alphabet


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1. Greetings
2. Goodbye
3.How are you?
5 Numbers 1-12
6 Ages
7 Where you live
8 Days
9 Weather
10 Alphabet
11 My family
12 Numbers 13-31
13 Colours
14 Pets
15 Christmas!
16 Consolidation
17 Class interaction

What you will learn with film 10

Primary German - letter sounds, the German alphabet
Animated letters do circus acrobatics to introduce their names in German...
Primary German - Sopie spells her name with German letters
Sophie and other children spell their names.
Hangman in German
PA German class plays 'Hangman'...
Primary German - eszet or 'ss'?
... and looks at German spelling: when do you use 'ss' and when do you write the special letter, 'ß'?

You will see and hear the alphabet in German, including the extra letter - 'ß' - 'eszet'. Children might start by learning to spell their own name. You will hear some German children spell their names.

You will hear the Alphabet Song, and see a German class play 'Hangman' and practice when to use the letter 'ß'.- 'eszet'

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Gutenberg and the invention of printing

One class looked at Stephen Fry building a replica of Gutenberg's press: what did he have to do to print one page?

They compared Gutenberg's press with how a modern magazine is printed.
What differences can you see?

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Choose a dictionary

Oxford School German dictionary

Look it up in your first dictionary

As you start to read simple books in German, you'll come across unfamiliar words that you need to look up.

It's important to develop bilingual dictionary skills that will last a lifetime.

Why do we recommend Oxford School German Dictionary for young beginners?

Find out more ->

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German Spelling Reform

Should English spelling be reformed to make it simpler?

The English Spelling Society think so. More information and help with spelling is on their website:


Whay are there differences between British and American spelling?

Woodlands Junior School in Tonbridge have included a comparison of UK and US spellings on their website:


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