Ch.9: Wie ist das Wetter?: What's the weather like?


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7 Where you live
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9 Weather
10 Alphabet
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What you will learn with film 9

"It's sunny" - by the River Rhine in Boppard.

"It's snowing" - houses are built for Continental winters.

You will see how Germans describe different sorts of weather, and find out about the pattern of climate in Germany.

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Talking Point: what is the weather in Germany?

German weather forecast - linkWebcams showing weather in Germany
One class found today's weather in Germany on the internet . The site had some live webcams in German towns so they could see the weather as it happens!

Link to today's weather:


Link to webcams:


The class made their own "TV weather forecast" for that day in Germany. This website has some useful phrases, and shows how weather is presented on German TV.


German TV weather forecasts - useful phrases

This site has some useful phrases about weather forecasts.

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