Ch.7: Wo wohnst du?: Where do you live?


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5 Numbers 1-12
6 Ages
7 Where you live
8 Days
9 Weather
10 Alphabet
11 My family
12 Numbers 13-31
13 Colours
14 Pets
15 Christmas!
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What you will learn with film 7

Leipzig railway station
Liepzig railway station - for decades, it was the biggest in Europe.
Koblenz: spitting boy statue
Koblenz: the 'spitting boy' statue.

Boppard's fountain celebrates the town's famous furniture-maker.
Bremen - old streets and merchant houses
Bremen - a port on the North Sea that is famous for a Grimm Brothers' story, "Musicians of Bremen".

You will see interesting things about seven towns in Germany, including Berlin the capital.

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Koblenz: the 'spitting boy' statue

One class decided to design a trick fountain in their Design and Technology lessons.

They wanted to make it so that it would surprise passers-by by suddenly spurting out water.

They also found out about the history of the 'spitting boy' statue in Koblenz. It celebrated the story of German boys who were cheeky to French soldiers when they occupied Koblenz and most of Germany at the time of Napoleon. They would throw jugs of water over them (and worse!) in the street, and run away.

Koblenz: spitting boy statue
You can't predict when this statue will suddenly spurt out a jet of water...

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Michael Thonet: inventor of chairs

Michael Thonet set up a furniture factory in Boppard in the 19th century, using wood from the local forests. His innovative designs became world-famous and are still sold today.

One class looked at designing their own chairs, and also studied the work of Scottish designer Mackintosh.

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Talking Point: going to Germany by train

One clas planned how to get from where they lived to a to a town in Germany by train.

They found that there was a network of high-speed "ICE" trains linking German cities - see map:


Interactive map showing the high-speed German "ICE" trains.

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