Ch.6: Wie alt bist du?: How old are you


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6 Ages
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What you will learn with film 6

"Ich bin 11."

"Ich bin 12."

You will see German children tell us how old they are, covering ages from 6 to 12, and you will learn how to ask someone else their age.

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Talking Point: the age for changing schools

The children in the film did not start at Boppard Grundschule until they were six, but most went to kindergarten (nursery school) from the age of 4.

German school system

In the 4th year at Grundschule, when the child is aged 10, their teachers will recommend to each pupil and their parents which type of secondary school they should go to.:
- Hauptschule (high school, leaving to start
work and training at 15)
- Realschule (going on to
technical college at 16)
- Gymnasium Staying at school until 18, when they take the Abitur exams, for
university entrance ).

If selected for, say, a gymnasium, they have to go to their local gymnasium, and cannot choose between different schools of that type.

The first two years at secondary school (grades 5-6 above) are often an "orientation stage", to see if the child settles in OK. Some Federal states have introduced Gesamtschulen (comprehensive schools), which avoids the difficulties of selection.

About 55% of German workers have the Hauptschule leaving certificate, 35% the Realschule certificate, and 11% the Abitur (2000 figures).

Find out more -

Primary German - choosong seconday school at age 10
Maxi is 10 and about to leave the Grundschule.
What options are open to him?

German education system

The UK-German Connection has a nice simple guide to the German education system is here:

especially this link about schools:

For teachers who want clear informaation to help compare schools in Germany with those in other countries, including UK:


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