Ch.5: Zahlen: 1-12: Numbers 1 to 12


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1. Greetings
2. Goodbye
3.How are you?
5 Numbers 1-12
6 Ages
7 Where you live
8 Days
9 Weather
10 Alphabet
11 My family
12 Numbers 13-31
13 Colours
14 Pets
15 Christmas!
16 Consolidation
17 Class interaction

What you will learn with film 5

German numbers - counting to 3
Animated numbers introduce the words: "eins, zwei, drei..."
German numbers - basketball
In the school gym: Tomas counts as he bounces the ball.
German numbers - skipping
Skipping as you count in PE.
German numbers - board game
Playing "Frustration" - 'Mensch ärgere dich nicht!' - Oliver scores a six!

You will learn the German numbers 1 to 12 and zero, also how to say basic arithmatic operations. Numbers to 31 follow in section 12.

You will also see German children counting in the gym, and a family playing a board game at home. A copy of the board game is included in the pack for you to play.

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Do sums in German, with the CD-ROM

Primary German - watch the film about sums in German
Watch parts of the film again on the CD-ROM
Primary German - Bingo
Play Bingo in German on the CD-ROM...

On the German1 eCD-ROM (optional extra, not included in the pack) , you can do lots of sums in German:

- play Bingo on your own, or with a group or the whole class!

- use a Talking Calculator that asks YOU to key in the sum and to work out the result!

Primary German - talking calculator
...or use a talking calculator that asks YOU to give the answer!

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