Ch.3: Wie geht's: How are you?


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1. Greetings
2. Goodbye
3.How are you?
5 Numbers 1-12
6 Ages
7 Where you live
8 Days
9 Weather
10 Alphabet
11 My family
12 Numbers 13-31
13 Colours
14 Pets
15 Christmas!
16 Consolidation
17 Class interaction

What you will learn with film 3

Greeting visitors at the door: "Wie geht's?"

The legend of the Lorelei - see Talking point below.

Tourist boat on the River Rhine.

"Danke gut!" - "I'm very well, thank you!".

You will see how German-speakers ask "How are you?" when they meet, and a range of possible reeplies.

You will also find out about the valley of the River Rhine, and the legend of the Lorelei.

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Talking Point: the River Rhine

Te Rhine Gorge part of the valley of the River Rhine is protected as a "World Heritage Site" by UNESCO. This includes all the medieval castles along its banks, build to collect tolls from passing ships - by force if necessary.


Follow this link to find out more - including a short film (see below).

Rhine Valley - World Heritage site

FILM: why the Rhine Valley is a World Heritage Site

Historic castle on an island in the Rhine: built to collect taxes from passing boats.

Rhine Valley - World Heritage site

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Talking Point: the legend of the Lorelei

The statue of the Lorelei attracts tourists from all over the world. It shows a mermaid sitting on a rocky cliff high above the River Rhine, upstream (south) from Boppard.

Lorelei statue Site of the Lorelei statue

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