Ch.2: Tschüs!: Goodbye


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2. Goodbye
3.How are you?
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What you will learn with film 2

Saying "Tschüs!" to the camera in a German school playground.

Boy says "Auf Wiedersehen!" before boarding the school bus outside Boppard Grundschule..

At the end of the school day....

Saying "Tschüs!" on a mobile phone.

You will see how German people say "goodbye" - and watch children at the end of a school day in Boppard.

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Talking Point: What we mean when we say 'Goodbye'?

Saying 'goodbye' to different people
You say 'goodbye' to people all the time. Look around you, at people you see in your community.

  • What do say to your friends when you part?
  • How do you 'goodbye' your teachers at the end of school?
  • ..and what do they say to you?
  • What do grown-ups say when leave?

Write a page for your Language Portfolio about what you notice. Be a Language Detective - you are beginning to find out the importance of language and how we use it in our lives!

Saying 'goodbye' in different languages
We made a table of how you say 'goodbye' politely in different world languages. In some of them , the person is saying - 'May God look after you' The Latin word for God is 'dieu'. Can you see 'God' in any of these 'goodbyes'?

auf Wiedersehen
Au revoir

In French and German , the person is saying 'Until we meet again' . In Danish, you might recognise 'farewell' - 'look after yourself' or 'Keep smiling'.....

Find out more....
You could make a display of how people say "goodbye" in as many different countries and languages as you can find. The Freelang.com website will be useful in your research.

Can you find any other words that have 'God' in them, or 'Until we meet again'? .


For one expression - like "goodbye", this web site
Freelang.net gave the students the equivalent in a whole list of languages.

Click on the picture to link to the web site.

Find out about other words....
The Freelang.net web site has a growing number of
expressions in its list.

Here are some of the words you can look up in the list:

  • I love you
  • Welcome
  • Hello
  • Good bye
  • Thank you
  • Yes
  • No
  • Happy birthday
  • Merry Christmas
  • Happy new year
  • Congratulations
  • Peace

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