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Ch.9: Le passé et le présent: Past and present


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What you will learn with film 9

Sars-Poteries primary school was built in 1907.

In 2007 the school celebrated its centenary.

One of the coalmines near Béthune.

School dressed in the fashions of 1907..


This section is about comparing past and present, making simple statements in French about what a place is like now, and at some time in the past.

It looks at saying the year in French, and at some key dates in French history and in famous french peoples' lives..

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Talking Point: 1906 Mining disaster at Courrières

 This part of Northern France used to be a coalfield; thousands of miners worked long hours underground digging out the coal.

Gas explosion underground
Nothing illustrates the dangers of the miners' lives than the Courrières disaster, in a mine close to Béthune. A gas explosion trapped hundreds of men underground. All of France looked on, waiting to see how many could be rescued - but very few were brought out alive.


There are more pictures in the French article at:ères

Bringing up bodies of the victims from underground..

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