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Ch.8: Les quatre saisons: Seasons


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What you will learn with film 8

Summer in the country town of Moringhem.

We took a boat trip in the marshes.

Planting cauliflowers in spring.

Children introduce the scarecrows they've made.


In this section we learn about what happens in different seasons. We learn the French poem 'Le retour du printemps', visit a Scarecrow Festival and see cauliflower planting on a French farm.

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Talking Point: Seasons and ART


Jean François Millet


Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

Many artists have responded creatively to the mood and atmosphere of different seasons: we looked at Georges Seurat, Alfred Sisley, Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Gustave Caillebotte - and the Italian, Giuseppe Arcimboldo..

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Talking Point: Scarecrow Festival

This family have their scarecrow outside their café.

This scarecrow is Harry Potter.

In the French town of Moringhem there is a Scarecrow Festival every spring. Each family makes their own scarecrow and displays it outside their house.

Why not join in? This YouTube slideshow might give you some ideas to make your own scarecrows! Don't forget to add your own notice about the scarecrow, in French.

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Making Pea Soup

Madame de Maintenon and Pea Soup
Madame de Maintenon (King Louis XIV's unacknowledged wife) commented on how aristocrats at Court could talk about nothing else! - they were so excited about pea soup made from the produce of the King's kitchen garden.

French cooking styles changed dramatically in the 17th century: it became the fashion amongst those who cooked for French aristocrats to cultivate a 'kitchen garden' and to bring out the simple flavours of fresh seasonal produce.

How to cook perfect Pea Soup ( a review of different recipes) 
Why not have your own school garden, and grow your own peas that you can then enjoy cooking and eating?. 

Suggestions for investigations you can do while growing vegetables in your school garden.

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Talking Point: Cauliflowers in Saint-Omer

Cauliflowers have been grown in the Saint-Omer region since the 1750s.

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