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Ch.7: En route pour l'école: Travelling to school


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What you will learn with film 7

Green travel - trams in Roubaix.

Children describe their route to school.

Doing a survey of ways of travelling to school.

How would you improve your town?


In this section we learn to say how we travel to school, and to describe a journey. We hear children discuss their own routes to school, and do a survey of their classmates. We also learn about green travel in France.

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Talking Point: the famous 2CV car

The basic design of France's famous 2CV - "Deux cheveux" - was conceived before the Second World War. It was designed to be cheap to make and run, simple to use, reliable (even off-road) - and versatile.

With its canvas roll-back roof, it could be used as a car, van or truck. A s France's first cheap mass-produced car, it was perfect for the peasant farmer who wanted to move on from a donkey cart!

Nearly 9 million of them were produced between 1948 and 1990, making the "2CV" an instantly recognizable icon of France.

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Talking Point: Green Travel

Proposed trams in Béthune
Artists's impression of new tram running through Béthune's town centre.

The town council planned a new tramway to replace its busiest bus route. It would have linked key destinations in Béthune, avoiding increasing congestion on overcrowded local roads, and solving the problem of car-parking in the town centre..

Map of Béthune's proposed tramway (PDF document)

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Talking Point: Improving my town

How would you improve your town?

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