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Ch.6: Bienvenue au Maroc: Morocco


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What you will learn with film 6

A child's eye view of life in rural Morocco.

Learning French at a Moroccan school.

Shopping at a Moroccan market.

A meal with a Moroccan family.


This section introduces life in another French-speaking country - Morocco. We see family life in the city and countryside, and children learning French at school.

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Where is Morocco?

Click to view
Google Map in a larger map (recommended)

This map pinpoints the four places featured in film 6 and in this chapter: Rabat, Khémisset and Aït Ouahi ( three p[laces shown in the film) and Meknès (the setting for Delacroix' painting of the 'Sultan of Morocco')

What is the strange writing on the map?

Change to Satellite view to see what Morocco is like from high above. Zoom out to see where Morocco is in Africa; find the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert.

Zoom in to the Straits of Morocco to see how close it is to Spain and Europe.

Look for photos of the places you are interested in. We have added some for the places in the film.

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Talking Point: Artists in Morocco

In the nineteenth century, possession of overseas empires made many people in European countries interested in 'exotic' locations. Paintings of romantic foreign scenes became fashionable.

A number of French artists, such as Eugène Delacroix and Henri Matisse, travelled to Morocco to get ideas for their paintings.

Eugène Delacroix's 'Sultan of Morocco'

Click on the picture to see a bigger version online.  

Matisse - click on pictures to see larger images on line.

Moroccan Garden (Les Pervenches)




Palm Leaf, Tangier (La Palme)

Palm Leaf, Tangier




Moroccan Landscape, Tangier (Les Acanthes)

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Morocco Resource Pack

If you'd like more resources about Morocco, to do a cross-curricular project or school link, the Morocco Resource Pack is an excellent supplement to this chapter.

The Pack gives an educational rationale for a cross-curricular approach, as well as ready-made lessons and associated planning documents, and suggestions for school exchanges and linked webpages.

The CD-ROM includes an extensive picture library that illustrates different faces of Morocco, with several multimedia presentations in French.


Find out more - > Morocco Resource Pack

The pack features the region around Khémisset and the capital, Rabat.

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