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Ch.5: Le zoo: Zoo animals


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What you will learn with film 5

Filming at Lille Zoo

On the school trip to Lille Zoo

Finding out what animals eat

Discussing the trip back at school


This section introduces animals from different parts of the world; their diet and habitat. We see French children on a school trip to the zoo, and discussing what they've found out afterwards.

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Talking Point: Lille Zoo

See more animals and find out their French names on the Lille Zoo website:

There's also a great selection of free downloads about the diet, size and habitats of all the zoo's animals:

The website also has a lot of information about the work of Lille Zoo in conservation and education.

The site is in French, but children should be able to 'gist' some of it, for example the five missions of the zoo:

1. Education et pédagogie; 2. Elevage et conservation des espèces animales; 3. Bien-être animal; 4. Recherche scientifique; 5. Divertissement du public

Click on this picture to see a bigger map of Lille Zoo. Which parts did the children in the film visit?

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Switch Zoo GAME

There's plenty to do at this website, but start with ' Make and Play' > 'Make new Animals", where you design your own strange zoo animal,: take (say) the body of a kangaroo and the head of a zebra....

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Try this Talking Big Book: "Je veux ma banane"

Monkey's lost his banana - will the other animals find it for him, or do they prefer other food?

This story's theme is survival in the jungle: Monkey has to be wary of which other animals are really out to eat him.

The story raises the question of whether his biggest threat is MAN, whose activities may bring extinction to both tigers and monkeys - and the whole jungle habitat which gives food and shelter to Monkey and the other animals...

Find out more -> French Big Book CD-ROMS


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