Primary French: Early Start 3-Ici et là
Ch.4: Les petites-bêtes: Minibeasts


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1 Healthy eating
2 Parts of the body
3. Circus school
4 Mini-beasts
5 Zoo
6 Morocco
7 Going to school
8 Seasons
9 Past & present
10 Out and about
11 Cinderella

What you will learn with film 4

Filming the mini-beast hunt at the Parc d'Olhain.

Looking for mini-beasts...

What have the girls found?

It's a woodlouse.


This section introduces some small animals, their diets and habitats.

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Talking Point: le parc d'Olhain

This chapter was filmed in the Parc d'Olhain, a nature and leisure park in the Pas de Calais.

Their website is below - there are both French and English options:

Children could see how many different activities they can find - in French.

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Try this Talking Big Book: "Georges le poisson rouge"

Harry is sad when George his pet goldfish dies and is buried in the garden.
But when spring comes, Harry has a wonderful surprise.... months ago, where he planted bulbs at George's grave, some daffodils appear!

This illustrated and interactive CD-ROM story in simple French is about life cycles, re-visiting the languages and themes of this unit in a fictional context.


Find out more -> French Big Book CD-ROMS

George the Goldfish - bilingual story, English / French

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