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Ch.3: À l'école du cirque: Circus school


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What you will learn with film 3

Early Start Primary French 3: Lille Circus School
Entrance to the Circus School in Lille.
Early Start Primary French 3: Lille Circus School big top
The Big Top, for training and performances.


Spinning Chinese plates


This section introduces instructions suitable for PE lessons.

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Talking Point: French circus schools

The Circus School in Film 6 is just one of a network os schools all over France that train children and young people in the arts and skills of the modern circus.

For some it's just a leisure time fun activity, but the more serious specialise in a particular area, and progress through a series of exams - like those for music and drama.

The best students will go on to study at the National Centre for Circus Arts, the only one of its kind in Europe

Find out more about the Lille Circus School here:

Virtual tour of the school:



YouTube video -: L'Ecole du Cirque de Lomme

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How to learn circus skills

Kent Circus School has free online lessons in some simple skills:

Try googling for other online video lessons in circus skills - you'll find quite a few like this:

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French artists and the circus in the 19th century

In 19th century Paris and London, the circus was a very popular entertainment: artists found colourful and exotic subject-,atter that was very familiar to wealthy patrons who might buy paintings.

Toulouse Lautrec: 1888 - "At the Circus Fernando" (in Paris)
Toulouse Lautrec (1888) - "At the Circus Fernando"

This painting shows the famous ringmaster, Monsieur Loyal, whipping a horse around the ring as the girl rider gets ready to do her act balancing on horseback. at the famous and fashionable Circus Fernando in Paris.

Try googling 'Toulouse Lautrec' or 'Georges Seurat' to find more pictures...

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