Primary French: Early Start 3-Ici et làÝ
Ch.2: Les parties du corps: Parts of the body


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What you will learn with film 2

Primary French 3: ballet class
A ballet class...
Primary French 3: describing a friend
Friends describe each other...
Primary French 3: playing Twister
They play "Twister" in the back garden...
Primary French 3: magic!-cutting Clara in half!
Clara's magician dad cuts hr in half...


This section introduces parts of the body.

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Talking Point: Where is Béthune?

This GoogleMap is centred on the Grand-Place in the town centre.

View Larger Map

Find out more about Béthune:


Talking Point: Edgar Degas - 19th century ballet pictures


Edgar Degas painted a series of ballet pictures in the 19th century: this is "The Rehearsal".

Over half his works are about dancers. He aimed to portray them as hard-working professionals, and to show their life behind the scenes - at rehearsals, and so on.

Edgar Degas: The Rehearsal

Talking Point: Ballet in France

Find out more about ballet online. These are just a few of the many websites devoted to ballet.

More information for teachers.

Find out more about ballet from these sites:

Websites for children:

Information for young ballet dancers:

Website for younger children based on the popular books about Angelina Ballerina, the dancing mouse.


The Five Positions

As ballet was formalised in France, most ballet positions are described in French, so anyone who's learnt ballet will also have learnt some French. A list of ballet terms can be found on Wikipedia:

See the Five Positions of ballet on Youtube:

If you have any children in your class who do ballet, you could ask them to demonstrate the Five Positions and other steps. The dancers could also speak the French terms for each position.

NB Children who haven't had ballet lessons shouldn't attempt any of the positions - they could hurt themselves.

Classroom display

The class could draw pictures of ballet dancers in different positions, and label the parts of the body in French, as part of a classroom display.

Children also could design costumes based on a familiar story such as Cinderella, and revise clothes by labelling these in French as well. Ballet costume is not just tutus - you could look at some modern ballet costumes as well.

The Royal Opera House has a collection of pictures of their ballet costumes on-line:

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Playing "Twister"... the real French game!

Twister French dial

French Twister

Buy real French Twister...!
Link to French Amazon.

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