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Ch.1: Bonne santé: Healthy eating


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What you will learn with film 1

Children show what's in their picnic lunch when they go sailing at Lac Joly on a school trip...

and we see children eat at the QUICK fast food restaurant.

They make pancakes at home...

....and each chooses what fillings they'd like from those on the table.


This section looks at foods that are healthy and those that are less so; children can use it to link their French language work with looking at 'Healthy Eating' in Science and Design-Technology.

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Talking Point: A Balanced Diet (official advice)

This chapter's look at 'Healthy eating' is based on the advice given to French schools and families by the French Government's official agency.

You can download this leaflet, 'La santé vient en mangeant et en bougeant' , which is their official Nutrition guide for all parents (in French).

Find pages 44 - 91, which is for parents of 3-to-11 year olds - and makes a very useful authentic text that children will be able to make sense of (see notes in the Manual on "gisting").

Download the leaflet from this page (where there are also other interesting publications):

Below is currently the link to the actual leaflet:

Nutrition Guide
Click on picture to download the whole leaflet

Websites are often updated and re-organised, so also try this link to the main site:

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QUICK hamburger restaurants; fast food in France

QUICK' is a chain of fast food hamburger restaurants that started in French-speaking Belgium, but now has hundreds of branches over France, Europe and French-speaking North Africa.

It is similar to Macdonalds (they call it "Macdo"), and was bought by the French government. It is probably the biggest fast food chain based in Europe.

Explore the latest menus on the QUICK website

being served in a QUICK fast food restaurant
and we see children eat at the QUICK fast food restaurant.

At QUICK, chips are never salted. There are little packets of salt at the counter for you to add salt if you want;. The chip packet has a health warning about the dangers of too much salt.

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