17: En classe - More classroom language
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1 Where I live
2 Places in town
3 Directions
4 School
5 Class objects
6. Time?
7. Weather
8.Numbers 40-200
9. Euro
10. Food likes
11. Bon appetit!
12. Icecream
14. School subjects
15. Clothes
16. Bridging unit
17. Class language

Section 17 is a reference aid for the teacher

How far should you aim to conduct your lessons in French?

With young beginners, the teacher will probably want to keep much of the talking about language, culture and setting up activities in your own language - but using French where it is clear the children understand what is said and how to respond.

The video gives you some starting points: you see the contexts in which simple, authentic language is used by a French teacher with her class in a primary school in France.

See language used in a French primary school, like "o"

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Books for the teacher

We recommend these books to give you some more ideas to help you enhance your lessons with the Continuation Pack. The second one is for secondary teachers, but has examples in French.

Keep talking (Young Pathfinder 4)
Teaching in the target language

Peter Satchwell

Provides detailed guidance on how to ensure progression by developing the use of the target language. It gives a range of practical advice with examples on how to communicate in the classroom, discusses the importance of progression, and shows how to organise displays. It also contains an appendix of useful target language for use in the classroom in both French and German .

Contents: Introduction - Communication in the classroom - Progression - Displaying the target language - Conclusion - Appendix 1: Target language for classroom interaction - Appendix 2: Common first names - Appendix 3: Bibliography - Appendix 4: Useful addresses.

February 1997, 80 pages, 240 x 180mm, paperback, 1 874016 73 9, £8.00.

How to order from CILT Publications: http://www.cilt.org.uk/publications/howtoorder.htm

Other similar books: http://www.cilt.org.uk/publications/primary.htm
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