15. Qu'est-ce que tu portes?- Clothes
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What you will learn in film 15

In this section you will learn to talk about fashion and what children like to wear; also to describe what people are wearing.

You will learn the names for some clothing items commonly worn by French children.

You may go on to describe clothes by colour and size, building on what you already know about using adjectives in French.

The language introduced here will also be useful for shopping activities.

Designer shopping centre at Roubaix French clothes shop for children
The video looks at shopping for children's clothes in France, at a factory-outlet centre in Roubaix
Getting dressed in the morning A big jacket
(LEFT) getting dressed in the morning. (RIGHT) Adjectives to describe what someone is wearing

Find out more about Roubaix factory-outlet shopping centres http://www.theotherside.co.uk/tm-heritage/shop.htm:

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Free clipart for your own visual aids

Free clipart for MFL teachers
Some of the clipart to illustrate pronouns

This website hasa royalty-free clipart collection for MFL instruction.

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Reading about ... adjectives

You will enjoy this story book, which is ideal to practise what you know about naming and describing clothes.

When you have read it, why not write your own picture story in French?

Get Dressed, Robbie
Robbie loves getting dressed all by himself, but his choice of clothes is often very original.
Today he's going out with his mum.
What does he choose to wear?

Habille-toi, Robbie
Find out more - >

For a look at different (but very simple) ways of talking with adjectives, try this delightful illustrated story book. The tale is all about size and colour....

I'm Too Big
The elephant and giraffe are unhappy.
One would like to be taller, the other shorter.
One would like bigger ears, the other smaller ones.
But finally they agree. they like each other as they are.

I'm Too Big
Je suis Trop Gros
Find out more - >
You might be interested in other simple books in the Talking Big Books CD-ROM series... Find out more-->
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French Designer T-shirts (make your own!)

The feature in the Teacher's Manual is about the history of the French fashion industry since King Louis the fourteenth led European fashion (pictured left)..

This section's suggested project is to develop your own French designer-label collection, and promote it with a fashion show - all in French!

Louis XIV and fashion

The fashion sense of King Louis XIVwas influential throughout Europe. Find out more about Louis......

Materials for your French fashion project


What you need is:

  • a supply of plain cotton T-shirts
  • an iron and a suitable surface to iron on
  • any graphics or painting software on your computer
  • an ink-jet printer
  • special transfer paper ( 1 per T-shirt), such as....

Epson Iron-on Transfer Paper
A4 Iron On 'Cool Peel' T-Shirt Transfer Media

DESIGN AND WEAR. Computer generated images or scanned photographs can be printed, up to 360dpi, directly onto our Iron-on transfer paper, which you can then iron on to T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, basically anything cotton!

Then show off your quality unique item. The only limit is your imagination.

A4 Iron On 'Cool Peel' T-Shirt Transfer Media £11.45 Inc VAT for pack of 10 sheets (315x235x5mm)
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Do send us pictures of your designer collection and fashion show!

Make a design on your computer, and print it out on your ink-jet printer using this special paper.

Launch your designer collection at your own fashion show! .

...then just iron the paper onto a plain T-shirt - you'll soon have a collection of designer-label T-shirts!

To help develop your fashion project, download this free resource...

These print-out sheets from DATA - the Design & Technology Teachers Association - include Teacher's notes, 14 well-designed activity cards, suggested patterns and certificates -ideal to prompt ideas for a cross-curricular fashion show.

It's all in English - but you can follow our Teacher's Manual suggestions to do your project work in French. Why not display a French word bank of useful French words and phrases for describing and making clothes?

DATA Bright Sparks activity card CU  DATA-Bright Sparks fashion activity cards
Free downloads include 14 lively activity cards - great for your fashion show project!

From : http://www.data.org.uk/resources/primary.htm

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