13: Les passe-temps - Sports and pastimes

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2 Places in town
3 Directions
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7. Weather
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What you will learn in film 13

Discovering mutual interests, likes and dislikes, is an important part of developing relationships between children.

This section enables you to talk about some of the sports and pastimes you like and don't like doing in your free time.

We have included seven sporting activities and one "couch potato" pastime as a starting point, with some additional suggestions included in "extra words and phrases" at the end of this chapter.

Some learners will be able to progress to giving simple reasons to support their preferences.

 Indoor horse-riding at Agora, Berck Sand yachts at Boulogne
Some of the most popular sports and leisure activities in France: LEFT horse-riding RIGHT sand-yachting
 Le roller c'est cool! Watching TV
Roller-blading, and (of course) watching TV!
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Sport in France

The French Embassy 'Just 4 Kids' website has interesting information about sport in France.

French Embassy in London: information Just 4 Kids
More information about sport in France, from French Embassy 'Just 4 Kids' web site

The yellow jersey

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The Tour de France

In France, cycle-racing attracts huge crowds and national interest. Each year in July, the Tour de France is a giant spectacle, which follows a different route each year.

The Tour de France is a complicated race, with over a dozen stages. The winner of each stage gets to wear the coveted yellow jersey for the next stage (picture right). Successful cycle-racers are celebrities; the crowds lining the route all have their favourite.

The route goes all round France, strays briefly into a neighbouring country, and in recent years always ends at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

The yellow jersey

Find out more about the Tour de France and cycle-racing as a sport at:

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