12: Les glaces - Ice cream
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1 Where I live
2 Places in town
3 Directions
4 School
5 Class objects
6. Time?
7. Weather
8.Numbers 40-200
9. Euro
10. Food likes
11. Bon appetit!
12. Icecream
14. School subjects
15. Clothes
16. Bridging unit
17. Class language

What you will learn in film 12

This section shows the third course of the family dinner - le dessert .

You will be able to reply when asked to choose what flavours of ice cream you want - whether in a café or in a family setting.

The section draws together what you now know about food and drink, and suggests more projects, including making real French-style dairy icecream.

You cam also use your growing command of French to tell a simple stories.. The Teacher's manual offers suggestions for possible plots and writing frames within the scope of your current vocabulary.

 French family lunch: dessert is ice cream I like ice cream at Hesdin
LEFT: The family lunch - dessert is ice cream, with a choice of flaqvours
RIGHT: "I like ice cream,", filmed outside Hesdin Town Hall.
Berck ice-cream parlour Eating an ice-cream cone
LEFT: waitress service in a seafront ice cream parlour.
RIGHT: eating an ice-cream cone.
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Make your own French icecream

The Teacher's Manual suggests a project making your own French-style ice cream as an activity conducted in French.

If you want ideas for new flavours, search the Internet for ice cream recipes, starting here.

Ice cream activity sheet

This site has recipes for all the staple favourites, and for some more off-beat flavours like prune or brown bread


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French story books

Chapter 2.12 in the Teacher's Manual suggests a project making achildren's picture story book - with pop-ups or "lift the flap" to keep the reader involved.

You can use simple, easy-to-use multimedia authoring packages for an even better effect , likes "Story Maker 2"

StoryMaker2-French cafe
From this starter, you can choose how to develop the story...

Children can easily make their own stories with Storymaker2, which includes hundreds of animated figures and sound effects plus backgrounds all grouped in themes. With a choice of French-voices, the "talking word-processor" will read your stories back to you with reasonable French pronunciation. .....find out more->

Here are some books and Talking Big Book CD-ROMs that are good stories to read in French, and which will give you ideas for making your own story:-

I Want My Banana!
Monkey's hungry, but he can't find his banana.
Some fearsome jungle creatures offer him tasty alternatives, but monkey isn't convinced of their generosity.

Find out more - >

I want my banana
Je Veux ma Banane!

What's for Supper?
Dad and his children are cooking tonight, but first they have to go shopping at the supermarket.
They want to keep the dish a secret from Mum.
What can they be making?

Find out more - >

Whats for Supper?
Qu'est-ce Qu'on Mange Ce Soir?

'Le Petit Chat perdu' by Natacha, illustrated by Annick Bougnerolle

A nice story told with lively illustrations.

Buy from amazon.fr now!

Le Petit Chat perdu

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