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What you will learn with film 9

This section introduces the Common European Currency, which has been used in France for all buying and selling since 2002.

Pupils will get to know the euro notes and coins. They will see and hear how prices are presented in euros, and can handle the notes and coins from the activity sheet, or iif you obtain some play money..

They will be able to shop in a self-service supermarket; to understand when they hear sums of money in euros, such as how much they have to pay at the checkout; and work out payment and change with euros.

 5 euro note 
See all the notes and coins used in France (a 5 euro note) -
See French people buying with euros (ice-cream stall)
French Supermarket till 
The SHOPI supermarket in Hesdin - why not have your own class supermarket?
See how euro prices are displayed in shops and markets.
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Euro coins -the national face


The French 1 and 2 euro coins show:a tree, which symbolises "life, continuity and growth"; and a hexagon (symbolising the shape of France - see Ch.1); and the motto of the French Republic, "Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité".

EURO in France: 1 2 euro coins

The 10, 20 and 50 centime coins show a sower of seeds, deliberate continuity with the design of the old French franc.

The designer said,"(it)...represents France, which stays true to itself, whilst integrating into Europe".

EURO CENTIME in France: 10 20 50 centime coin

The French 1, 2 and 5 centime coins show Marianne, a young woman who is a symbol of the French people.

Her face is drawn with a determined expression, to show she is "determined to create a sound and lasting Europe."

EURO CENTIME in France: 1 2 5 centime coin


All the Begian coins show this head of Belgian King Albert II .

Around the edge there is an "A" (for Albert) with a crown over it, and the 12 stars of Europe.

EURO national face: Belgium


His Royal Highness Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg has his head on all their coins. The word "Letzebuerg" beside it means "Luxembourg" in the local dialect,Luxembourgish (which most inhabitants speak as well as French and German).

EURO national face: Luxembourg

© All images copyright European Central Bank.

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Euro web links

One class in Scotland decided to find out about what it would be like if they had to start using the euro in the UK.

They found lots of information on this UK Government site to help prepare British people for using the euro in their dealings with the rest of Europe:


This site, helps tell the history of the Euro, with links to the kind of information given to the European public at the time of the changeover from the old money,. (Thanks to Tabitha Brookes for this link). The class made some publicity posters and designed a storyboard for a video:


They also enjoyed handling EURO notes and coins from a supplier of Euro play money.

EURO changeover: school poster EURO changeover: petrol
(L) Actual French poster for schools in 2001
(R) Actual French poster getting motorists used to euro prices for petrol

The enjoyed the games on the European Central Bank's website to familiarise children with the euro:


This site also has pictures of all the different national faces of the euro coins. The class decided to make designs for possible British euro coins!

The picture (right) is the effort of one UK coin minting company to produce a set of mock "UK euro" coins - although you can't spend them anywhere, they are eagerly snapped up by collectors!

See the whole set at - http://www.eurocoins.co.uk/

Mock UK euro coin
What should a UK euro look like? This is one designer's idea ...

The class decided to find out about the history of the old money that the euro had replaced. They discovered that the name "franc" means "free". It comes from the ransom paid in gold coins called "franc-or" to release French King Jean le Bon. He was captured by the English in 1360, at the Battle of Poitiers , when the French were doing very badly in the Hundred Years' War.

About old currencies:- http://www.guardian.co.uk/euro/story/0,11306,616750,00.html

About the Battle of Poitiers:- http://www.theotherside.co.uk/tm-heritage/background/100yearswar.htm

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EURO play notes and coins

We looked everywhere for a source of EURO play money you could use for your class activities to get children used to handling EUROs - now we've found it!

See here for details of group sets and class quantities of authentic-looking EURO notes and coins play-money.

Euro play money
EURO play-money

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Play "the Price is Right" TV gameshow

The TV gameshow, The Price is Right, is screened in many countries around the world. France, Belgium and French Canada have their own versions on air now or in the recent past.

In France it's called Le Juste Prix - and the key part of the show is where contestants have to guess the price of a well-known item,winning the prize if they are the closest.

You can play a simplified version of this game in your classroom to practice saying Euro prices and numbers. You can give clues, e.g. "moins" or "plus" to suggest going up or down.

The new Flashcards CD and Interactive e-CD both have versions of the game for you to play.

French version of The Price is Right
Presenter Vincent Lagaf with a contestant on the TF1 channel gameshow, Le Juste Prix

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Exchange rates

Find the up-to-date rate at which you can buy euros with your currency (or buy other currencies with your euros) at the BBCi web site:

Look for 'Business' and 'Markets' on http://www.bbc.co.uk/ or try http://newsvote.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/fds/hi/business/market_data/overview/default.stm

To convert between your currency and the EURO, or to find what a EURO price costs in your currency, click on one of these links:-

XE.com Personal Currency Assistant | The XE.com Universal Currency Converter

Currency converter link

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